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Sparkle Sparkle… Green Clean!

Libby Chan Wonder Products Giveaway!

Nik & Miki of My Living Water UK have an incredibly generous offer for all of our lovely on-line customers and they have given us 25 sample bottles of Libby Chan to give away to the first 25 customers to place an on-line order & request a sample bottle. If you are one of those lucky orderers it will give you an opportunity of seeing for yourselves what a superb product Libby Chan really is.

Libby Chan is a liquid that contains lactic acid bacteria and is produced by an age old fermentation method.  All ingredients used to make libby chan are edible and libby chan is great for breaking down oil & organic waste and eliminating (not masking) smells.

You can use it in the kitchen, the bathroom, in fact all over your home!  It truly is an amazing liquid that can replace your kitchen cleaner, bathroom cleaner, multi-surface cleaner, floor cleaner, glass cleaner, air fresheners & bleach!

Libby chan is full of friendly bacteria & other active impact micro-organisms and contains zero chemicals.
It puts your home ecosystem back into balance.

Now you can dump all the bleach, the sprays and the rubber gloves and know that your home is a chemical free environment posing no threat to you and your family’s immediate and future health.

The Natural Grocery Store are stocking the Libby Chan 1lt bottle, Spray bottle, Libby Chan Smelly Pet Tonic with attached spray bottle and also the amazing Bokashi compost system. Bokashi is a japanese fermentation process that uses libby chan to super-speed your home waste into compost. Bokashi is a japanese fermentation process that uses libby chan to super-speed your home waste into compost. Using this system you can compost not only raw veg & fruit waste but also cooked waste, dairy, meat, fish and even small bones! The addition of bran and libby chan means the friendly bacteria get to work fermenting your waste quickly. Because of this and libby chan’s amazing odour eating properties, the smells from decaying meat or fish that would normally attract vermin are contained. libby’s active impact microorganisms ferment your waste and will super-speed your compost heap if the bokashi is added to it when it has finished fermenting. Alternatively it can be buried in your vegetable plot or raised beds to create a haven for worms and all things good!

To find out more about this super new product go to My Living Water UK’s website and listen to many of the personal recommendations by current users: 

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