Artysan Lemon Drizzle Panettone Organic by Organico

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Add the finishing touch to your Christmas dinner this year with a slice of this zesty panettone from Organico. Each one uses organically procured ingredients to give every last bite a natural and authentic flavour. Invented in Italy, Organico bake each panettone in their place of origin; capturing a faithful taste of traditional panettone. The soft sweet bread is topped with a delectable lemon glaze that adds a pleasant zest. 500g.


Item Information:

Organic, Suitable for Vegetarians, May contain Soy.

Packaging: Cardboard Box, Plastic Film Wrap - Recyclable.


Wheat Flour*, limoncello Syrup* 20% (Cane Sugar*, Water, Lemon Peel Infusion*, Ethyl Alcohol*), Cane Sugar*, Butter*, Egg*, Natural Yeast* (Wheat Flour*, Water), Egg Yolk*, Barley Malt*, Natural Citrus Flavouring, Sea Salt, Natural Vanilla Flavouring.  *From Organic Agriculture.  Allergens Highlighted In Bold.

Nutrition Information:

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