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Authentic Bread Co. Luxury Christmas Pudding (Med) Organic

Authentic Bread Co. Luxury Christmas Pudding (Med) Organic


Authentic Bread Company Luxury Christmas Pudding with Cognac (Medium) - 450g. A luscious, rich and fruity pudding made in the traditional way with organic brandy and stout crammed with plump vine fruits and full of flavour.


Salted Butter*, Sugar*, Egg*, White Wheat Flour*, Currants*, Sultanas*, Raisins*, Cherries *, Almonds*, Mixed Candied Peel* (contains Orange, Lemon Corn syrup), Cognac(2%), Whole Almonds*, Mollasses*, Orange Zest, Apricot Glaze (contains sugar* Apricot halves*, IQF diced apricots, gelling agent: Fruit pectin, Acidity regulator : Citric acid), Lemon Zest*, Walnuts*, Brazil nuts*, Cinnamon*, Nutmeg*, Mixed Spice*, Sea Salt. *Organic ingredients UK5 The Soil Associa


Lazy Day Iced Fruit Cake Slice

Lazy Day Iced Fruit Cake Slice


Lazy Day Iced Fruit Cake Slices, free-from but full of taste.  Free from iced fruit cake slices.  Moist light fruit cake packed with fruit and topped with fondant icing.  A perfect celebration slice.  Put your feet up and enjoy.  5 slices, 150g.

Item Details:

Vegan, vegetarian, dairy free, gltuen free, wheat free, egg free, no hydrogenated fats.  Allergy advice:  Contains soya, may contain sulphites or nuts. 

Nutritional Information:

Per 100g:

Energy:  1284 kJ / 304 kCal, Protein:  2.2g, Carbohydrate:  63.1g, of which sugars:  53.5g, Fat:  4.9g, of which saturates:  1.9g, Fibre:  2.1g, Sodium:  0.24g.


Cake 55%: mixed fruit 40% (currants, sultanas, raisins, cherries), water, flour (rice, corn, potato, tapioca, soya), sugar, golden syrup, dairy free margarine (vegetable oils, water, salt 2%, emlusifier (polyglycerol esters of fatty acids, mono and diglycerides), colours (curcumin and annatto), baking powder, soya lecithin, xanthan gum. 

Icing 44%: sugar, glucose syrup, water, vegetable oil, glycerine, mono-and diglycerides of fatty acids, acidity regulator (sodium acetate, acetic acid) gum tragacanth, natural vanilla flavouring.


Gluten free,Wheat free, vegan, vegetarian, dairy free,