Jealous Sweets Sweet Magic Gift Box Vegan

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Vegan,Vegetarian,Dairy free

Live the Jealous life and indulge yourself in a colourful world of adult irresistibility! Naughty, but never nasty, these mouthwatering sweets are free from anything artificial to ensure a truly tantalising taste. This gift box is a perfect stocking filler this Christmas! Contains 2x50g Tropical Wonder and 2x50g Fizzy Friends.

Item Information

Vegan, Vegetarian & Dairy Free.


Tropical Wonder: glucose syrup, sugar, gelling agent: pectin, acidulant: citric acid, natural flavouring of grapefruit with other natural flavourings, natural colours: curcumin, paprika extract, anthocyanins, coconut and rapeseed oil, glazing agent: carnauba wax, wheat starch.

Fizzy Friends: glucose syrup, sugar, modified starch, gelling agent (carrageenan), acidulants (citric acid, malic acid), acidity regulators (sodium citrates, sodium malates), natural flavourings, colour (anthocyanins), fruit and vegetable extracts (carrot, apple, pumpkin, curcuma, stinging nettle, spinach) caramelized sugar, wheat starch.

Nutrition Information

Tropical Wonder: Per 100g: Energy 1414 kJ / 333 kcal, Fat <0.5g, of which Saturates 0.1g, Carbohydrate 82g, of which Sugars 70g, Protein <0.5g, Salt 0.3g. 

Fizzy Friends: Per 100g: Energy 1438 kJ / 338 kcal, Fat <0.5g, of which Saturates 0.1g, Carbohydrate 84g, of which Sugars 70g, Protein <0.5g, Salt 0.6g.  







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