Terrace Edge Riesling 2016

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Vegan,Vegetarian,Dairy free

The Waipara Valley is a very special location for Riesling. The warm days and cool nights provide perfect conditions for growing ripe, rich fruit while also retaining a refreshing citrus acidity. Essential to the balance of the finished wine, this palate tingling poise enhances the wonderfully exotic fruit character. Floral notes add charm alongside a medley of nectarine, lime leaf and liquid honey. Off-dry, it delights the palate with its vibrant, juicy finale. The inclusion of a small percentage of botrytised grapes (so-called 'noble rot' which removes water from the grapes, increasing sweetness and flavour) enhances the mid-palate weight and richness. A masterful delight that is fast becoming a cult wine in NZ!  750ml.

Item Details:

Alc. 12% by vol.  Contains sulphites.  Vegan.

Nutritional Information:



New Zealand white grapes.  


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