Gérard Bertrand Prima Nature Syrah Organic

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Organic,Vegan,Vegetarian,Dairy free,

Prima Nature is a range of wine without added sulfite which offers particularly pure, generous and intense aromas. Each cuvée, whose composition is reduced to the essential, expresses the character and taste of the fruit and the terroir.The wines are grown according to organic standards which requires a high quality of the grapes. Prima Nature is also a vegan range for consumers who reject animals exploitation.
Intense and fruity, Prima Nature will provide you a unique experience of the terroir while respecting the environment. 750ml. 14%vol.

Item Information

Organic, Vegan & Sulphite free. Made in France.

Tasting Notes

This Syrah has a wonderful, deep red colour and aromas of ripe fruits with delicate hints of liquorice.
This Wine is generous, well-structured and blessed with a superior aromatic complexity.



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