The Raw Chocolate Co. Raw Cacao Powder Organic

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Organic,Faritrade,Vegan,Vegetarian,Gluten free,Wheat free,Dairy free,Sugar free,

The Raw Chocolate Co. Organic & Fair-trade Raw Cacao Powder 180g. Tiny titans of flavour and nutrition, our sun-dried Ecuadorian cacao powder has a dark and full flavour, is totally natural, low in fat and bursting with antioxidants and minerals (magnesium, calcium and iron). Cacao powder makes a nourishing and tasty addition to your smoothie or milk shake. Great in puddings, in baking and cooking.

Item Details

Considered a superfood, raw cacao is a very potent little bean. It is one of the richest sources of anti-oxidants, including flavonoids and heart-nurturing polyphenols. It is also jam packed with minerals - it's especially rich in iron, zinc and magnesium. It also contains neurotransmitters like serotonin, which helps keep the feel-good chemicals in your brain active and buzzing for a long time after you've had your chocolate! And using cacao raw like we do, un-roasted and minimally processed, means its exceptional nutritional mood-elevating properties can be enjoyed to its full effect.

Ingredients/More Details

Organic Fair trade Raw Cacao Powder (not heated over 45 degrees)

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