High Weald Dairy Organic Duddleswell Sheep Milk Cheese

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Organic,Vegetarian,Wheat free,Sugar free,

High Weald Dairy Organic Duddleswell Sheep Milk Cheese 140g approx. A Full Fat Hard Sheep Milk Cheese with a delicious nutty taste. It is a well rounded, rich flavoured cheese, mildly acidic taste incorporating ewes milk character, sweet and buttery notes and gently volatiles.

Item Details

Duddleswell is a full fat hard cheese made from pasteurised Sheep milk, vegetable rennet (GMO Free), salt, and starter culture. Once made, the cheese is matured in carefully controlled conditions, and turned daily for up to five months, until each batch is graded, ready for sale, by the cheese maker. The resulting cheese has a smooth creamy texture and delicious nutty flavour. The natural rind is formed during the maturation process. It can be eaten. £31.95 per kilo, your invoice will be adjusted accordingly.

Ingredients/More Details

Organic ewes milk, salt

Nutritional Information

35% Fat, 24% Protein, 3% carbohydrate, 2% Fibre, 1.65% Salt, 443 Kcal/100 g

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