High Weald Dairy Sussex Slipcote Mild Soft Sheep's Cheese Organic

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High Weald Dairy Organic Sussex Slipcote Mild Soft Sheep's Cheese 100g. Sussex Slipcote is a soft cheese with a light, creamy and fluffy texture and a slightly sharp refreshing flavour. The name ‘Slipcote’ is an old English word meaning little (slip) piece of cottage (cote) cheese.

Item Details

Sheep milk is pure white and has a rich, but not a strong taste. Compared to other milks, the fat and protein in sheep milk break down more rapidly in the stomach, this helps digestion and people with an intolerance to lactose or with an allergy to milk protein can often drink sheep milk and suffer no ill effect. Sheep milk contains almost 100% more calcium and 33% more protein, amino acids, vitamins and minerals than cows’ milk. Sheep milk can be purchased from us, frozen in pint bottles. We use only the highest quality Organic sheep milk produced on dedicated farms, to make our cheese.

Ingredients/More Details

Organic Sheep Milk, salt Organic Certification ~ UK5.

Nutritional Information

Per 100g: Energy 987kj / 238kcal Protein 14g Carbohydrate 3g of which sugars 2.4g Fat 18.9g of which saturates 12.25g Fibre 0.7g Sodium 0.26g

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