Dorset Pastry Sweet Shortcrust Pastry Organic 325g



The Sweet Shortcrust Butter Pastry has a crisp biscuit quality ideal for pastry discs as well as pastry bases. The organic eggs and butter create a rich yellow colour. This pastry is easy to manage and does not become tough with excess handling. 2x162.5g ~ 325g.

Item Details

Dorset Pastry does not contain any stabilizers, relaxants and other additives, so commonly used in mass production to ensure consistency, therefore the taste and characteristics of the pastry may vary and are determined by the season during which the flour is harvestedand the nutter traditionally churned. It is this that determines the uniqueness of Dorset Pastry.

Ingredients/More Details

Wheatflour, butter ( contains milk ), eggs, sugar.

Nutritional Information

per 100g: Energy: 1980 kJ / 474 kCal Protein: 5.0g Carbohydrates: 5.07g as starch: 33.8g as sugar: 16.9g Fat: 27.9g of which saturates: 17.1g Fibre: 1.3g Sodium: trace.

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