La Brujula Marinated Mussels No24 ~ 12/16 Pieces

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These top quality mussels are cultivated in the Galician estuaries in floating platforms called bateas.  From the Ria de Arousa, the largest mussel farm in the world, they are larger and meatier than most.  To prepare them to gourmet standards their hairs are cut with scissors to get a smoother mussel.  They are boiled and then fried before being hand packed in a gentle, very fine, marinade made from fresh ingredients.  110g.

Item Details:

These mussels are large and meaty and the escabeche is very gentle, warm with a slight sharp finish.  The simplest way to serve these is to top a Sarriegui crisp with a mussel and down it in one or just with a piece of freshly baked sour dough.

Nutritional Information:

Per 100g:

Energy:  1027 kJ / 247 kCal, Protein:  18g, Carbohydrate:  3g, of which sugars;  <0.5g, Fat:  18g, of which saturates:  3g, Protein:  18g, Salt:  1.8g.


Mussels (Mytilus galloprovincialis) (mollusc), olive oil, vinegar, spices and salt.  



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