Ecofuel Extra Hot Firelogs ~ 10Kg

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The briquettes are remarkable for their unique burning properties, they contain similar calorific content to coal and contain more energy than conventional seasoned firewood. They have a long burn time, clean to handle, have clean flue gasses, leave very little ash (0.5% by volume) and are a CO2 neutral fuel. The bulk density and dryness ensures that 2kg of briquette is approximately equivalent in calorific terms to 1 litre of heating oil.

Item Details

EBC Woodfuels are one of the leading manufacturers of high quality sawdust briquettes in the UK. We use modern state of the art, energy efficient machinery to process waste wood residues from the timber industry. There are no binding agents or other additives used in our processing, the process works on high temperature and pressure to release the cellulose and lignin within the wood, which in effect binds the particles together. We are also able to grind and process wood offcuts, rippings and other types of clean wood waste. Not only does this divert waste streams from landfill it also produces a carbon neutral fuel. We are also licensed waste carriers with the environment agency. They can be used solely or mixed with other solid fuels.

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