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*Namaste Recycled Cotton Paper Gift Wrap Fair Trade

*Namaste Recycled Cotton Paper Gift Wrap Fair Trade


Made in Jaipur by a company founded by a young female entrepreneur who has a real flair for design, these lovely handmade paper gift bags really catch your eye. Jaipur has become a centre for handmade paper production and the industry provides thousands of jobs in and around the city. The paper is made from recycled cotton waste using a totally environmentally friendly and pollution free process. 60x90cm.

Item Information

Fairtrade, Environmentally Friendly, Recycled.

Available in 6 designs: 

Chocolate with Pink/Lime Flowers,

Chocolate with Teal/Lime Flowers,

Grey with Teal/Lime Flowers,

Chocolate with Orange/Pink Triangles,

Chocolate with Teal/Lime Triangles 


Grey With Teal/Lime Triangles.

*Please Specify in the comments box at purchase if you want a specific design(s).*





Fair Trade,

500 Health & Nutrition Questions Answered * TO CLEAR *

500 Health & Nutrition Questions Answered * TO CLEAR *



In 500 Health and Nutrition Questions Answered top nutritionist Patrick Holford answers a selection of the most important health questions he has been asked. Armed with comprehensive knowledge of all things nutritional, he explains in simple, easy-to-follow terms the best way to deal with everything from common colds to unusual medical conditions, not forgetting those little complaints that you'd never take to your doctor. From how to prevent hangovers to nutritional tips for coping with skin conditions, depression, Alzheimer's, and Multiple Sclerosis, you'll find out what's good for you, what's not good for you - and why. 

Item Details:

ISBN 0749924934

Includes sections on:
Diet and nutrition, supplements and herbal remedies
Diseases and common ailments
Mental health
Pregnancy, fertility and sex
Energy and sleep, stress and fatigue
Skin and hair
Men's and women's health
Weight loss
And much more!