Thorsons Calorie Counter ~ 2003

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This new edition of the most informative and trustworthy calorie counter in the UK is updated with 25% new entries.The Thorsons Calorie counter is easy to use and extremely comprehensive with over 4,000 products listed. Whether you are weight conscious, health conscious or just calorie conscious, this book is the ideal first reference for anybody following a calorie-controlled programme. Fully revised and updated, with over 25% new entries.

Item Details

Divided into simple food sections, both branded and generic, this perennial bestseller includes: • take-away foods and eating out • ready-made meals, including brand names such as Sainsbury’s, Boots, Waitrose and Marks & Spencer • snacks • ethnic foods • drinks (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic) • vegetarian foods Also included are useful facts about the fat, protein and carbohydrate content of the foods mentioned, plus a guide to estimating the content of foods that aren’t listed. Designed with our real eating patterns in mind- taking into account the fact that most of us do not eat 3 square meals a day but eat and snack on the run- this book is the ideal companion to any calorie-controlled regime.

Nutritional Information

If you don't have time to compare different brands and check product packaging (and who does!) than let the 'Thorsons Calorie Counter' do the work for you. With over 4,000 entries covering all the leading brands as well as all the supermarket own-labels, this is the most comprehensive calorie counter available. Products are counted per 100 grams as well as per portion size and include: • Wide range of cheeses • Desserts and Yoghurts • Ready-made Sandwiches • Ready Meals • Fast Foods and Take Away • Alcohol and Drinks The 'Thorsons Calorie Counter' also includes useful information about where to look out for hidden calories; the fat, protein and carbohydrate content of key foods; and how to lose weight with a calorie controlled diet.

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