EcoEgg Dryer Eggs ~ Fresh Linen

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This eco-friendly dryer egg reduces drying time by 28% whilst leaving your clothes smelling divine using natural essential oil fragrance sticks. The dryer egg works by lifting and separating your clothes in the tumble dryer helping them dry faster, thus reducing the drying time and the nodules on the egg gently lift the fibres which helps soften your clothes – no need for fabric softener in the wash!  40 Cycles

Item Details:

The Ecoegg dryer egg will last you up to three years, and fragranced refill sticks are available to keep your clothes smelling lovely all that time. Because they are made with natural essential oils they are free from any harsh chemicals and will not irritate your skin.  Simply place the ecoegg dryer eggs in the tumble dryer on top of your clothes and dry as normal. Replace the fragrance sticks inside the dryer eggs as required, to continue to fragrance your clothes. You can use the dryer eggs without the fragrance sticks if you prefer.

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