Mascotte Green Organic Rolling Papers

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Mascotte Green Organic is a  medium weight paper with cut corners which make rolling easier. Whereas Mascotte papers were originally made from the same paper that went towards producing the Bibles, these days the are made from specially selected plant fibres that have been bleached without the use of chlorine. Natural Arabic Gum strips are also used so that your paper is all natural, indeed certified organic, and free from any nasty tastes. Each pack contains 50 leaves. 

Item Details

Mascotte is the manufacturer of Mascotte rolling papers, filter tubes and rolling devices. Mascotte is the original brand of the Mignot & de Block BV enterprise. This family business from Eindhoven, the Netherlands, was established as a cigar and cigarette factory in 1858. At the end of the Second World War rolling paper was in short supply and importation was not permitted. Frank Mignot (1910 – 2003) found the solution at a Bible publishing house in Limburg. The fine, thin paper he found there resulted in the first Mascotte rolling paper which he continued to develop further.

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