Libby Chan Smelly Pet Tonic Concentrate & Spray

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Libby's smelly pet tonic is a super-powered version of libby chan with tonnes more odour eating microorganisms to really get to work on those whiffy pet smells.

This 500ml Concentrate will make 2.5litres of Libby's smelly Pet Tonic and comes with a spray bottle to dilute your concentrate for use. We knew what an effective odour eater libby chan was and from the very first samples we gave out, feedback about its ability to kill nasty smells instantly flooded back. We set about developing our dedicated pet version holding true to the original ethos of Libby Chan: only 100% edible ingredients used & no chemicals, artificial preservatives, synthesized enzymes or perfumes allowed. The result, libby's smelly pet tonic, is a super-strength pet odour killing machine!

Libby's smelly pet tonic can be used on anything your pet comes into contact with and leaves their 'scent' behind.

  • stinky dog jacket? no problem.

  • smelly pet bed? thing of the past.

  • smelly car? just spray and the stink is gone.

  • young pups & kittens still not toilet trained? just spray their 'little accidents'.

  • does your dog just eat anything then barf it up on your living room floor? kill that lovely odour immediately with libby's smelly pet tonic.

More Details


People have been amazed by libby's smelly pet tonic and we have walked the walk by taking it to some of the stinkiest animal places out there.

On October 1st 2012 we cleaned a goat & horse pen at High Hill Farm in Purton, Wiltshire with just libby, you can view the original feedback from the farmer on our facebook page but this is what the she said to us on the day:
"It always stinks of pee in here, the smell has completely gone!"
When we posted this on facebook Charlotte replied with her own comment the very next day,
"...Miki came out to the farm and after cleaning the barn out and washing it out with libby, the smell of urine and excrement was gone and it still smelt fresh the next day too!"


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