Libby Chan Spray Bottle 1lt

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A 1 litre plastic spray bottle. Sperfect for making up your 'Libby Chan' solution, it even has a marker of where to fill your Libby chan Concentrate up to... fantastic! 

Libby Chan Concentrate truly is an amazing liquid that can replace your kitchen cleaner, bathroom cleaner, multi-surface cleaner, floor cleaner, glass cleaner, air fresheners & bleach!.

More Details

Libby Chan has been made from combining 100% natural, edible ingredients with a little bit of time, heat and singing! NO chemicals, NO surfactants, NO synthesized enzymes, NO artificial perfumes, libby chan is just full of friendly bacteria and other active impact micro-organisms that feed on all the nasties in your home.

Your bottle of libby chan is a concentrate that should be diluted 1:5 with normal tap water. Our 1litre my libby spray bottle is ideal for this. 1litre of libby chan concentrate will make 5litres of libby chan cleaner, a good amount to get started with, experiment with and learn as you go about the diverse uses of libby chan. To get you going we have created a basic cleaning guideline PDF which can be downloaded above.

One of the most important points to remember when cleaning with libby chan is that anything with bleach in will kill all the friendly bacteria that are working hard for you. If you are new to libby chan be strong and throw out that bottle of bleach or harsh cleaner so you don't accidentally use it and undo all your good work! Remember libby chan works by gaining a foothold in your home environment and gets stronger with consistent, uninterrupted use.

just a few of the uses for libby chan in your home...

  • glass surfaces & mirror cleaning: spray with libby chan, leave for 2mins then wipe. can be used safely on tv screens, computer monitors and the like.

  • window cleaning: pour half a cup of libby chan into a bowl of warm water and clean. rinse with clean water and dry.

  • dining table: after eating, spray with libby chan, leave for a few minutes, wipe off then finish with a light spray.

  • door & cupboard handles: these are havens for bad bacteria, spray door knobs & handles with libby chan, wipe, respray and leave. repeat at least once a week.

  • telephones & remote controls: spray some kitchen paper with libby chan and wipe these items thoroughly, repeat at least once a week not forgetting your mobile and tablet!

  • use libby chan to clean and deodorise your washing machine. spray the softener drawer and inside the drum after each wash.

  • when drying clothes inside the home spray libby chan to prevent damp washing odours.

  • rugs & carpets: spray on, brush in and leave for 30mins, clean with a wet vacuum cleaner.

  • if you have smelly pets then check out libby's smelly pet tonic! this is a super-enhanced odour eating version of libby chan.

EXPERIMENT, EXPERIMENT, EXPERIMENT. You will find that uses for libby chan are diverse. We even combine libby chan with boiled soap-nut liquid to wash all our clothes, no detergent, no conditioner or softener required! Let us know how you use libby chan and we will add any unusual or surprising ones.


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