Siesta Halloween Spiders & Bats Saa Paper Mobile

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Spooky! Perfect for your Halloween celebrations! Made from Saa paper, this mobile makes a pleasant noise when blown in the wind or moved due to the small bells at the bottom of each string of bats. THIS IS A SEASONAL HALLOWEEN LINE THAT WILL SELL OUT FAST WITH OUR SUPPLIERS.... PLEASE PLACE YOUR ORDER AS SOON AS POSSIBLE TO AVOID DISAPPOINTMENT.

Saa paper is a special, thin paper, that is handmade in Thailand from the bark or the mulberry tree. The bark is harvested using the technique of coppicing, allowing the tree to re-grow. After being dried, the bark is soaked until it becomes soft. This softened bark is then fed through a pulping machine which turns the bark to a thick, porridgey consistency. This is then mixed in a vat with water where a wood and muslin frame is submerged breifly. The frames are then placed in the sun where the liquid dries to form a sheet of Saa paper!

Origin: Thailand

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