Mottlock Clothes Moth Box

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Gluten free,Wheat free,Dairy free,Sugar free,

This clothes moth trap is the natural, non-toxic alternative to moth balls - the Mottlock Moth Box, odourless, sticky trap is designed to attract clothes moths. The Mottlock Moth Box works by the pheromone bait on the glue board, dispersing in the air attracting sexually-active male moths. These are trapped on the adhesive board; the number of moths caught will give you some idea about the intensity of the infestation.

Item Details

So easy to use, simply open the Mottlock Moth Box which is wrapped in a protective bag, it contains a glue board with integrated pheromone. Remove the protective films both from the back and the front side of the glue board. Insert the glue board carefully and fix it to the bottom of the box. The pheromone constantly escapes from the catching surface and leads the male moths to the sticky trap. After assembling the trap place it into the flight altitude of moths or inside the wardrobe. The pheromone remains active for up to 12 weeks.

Ingredients/More Details

•Non chemical system for Clothes moths. •Contains no harmful chemicals. •Clothes moth trap catches moth adults on sticky trap. •Moths lured to trap with safe attractant. •Safe for use in the home. •The non-toxic alternative to Moth Balls. •Safe for the user and the environment.

Nutritional Information


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