Sodasan Ecological Colour Laundry Detergent Organic

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Organic, Vegan, Vegetarian, Dairy free

Sodasan Ecological Colour Detergent is a liquid detergent with high quality organic vegetable oil and sugar surfactants to effectively cleans and protects the fibres and colour in coloured laundry.  1.5l.

Item Details:
For Coloured Laundry, Suitable for all kinds of fabric except delicate fabrics like wool and silk,  Contains High Quality Organic Vegetable Oil.  No Bleaching Agents, No Optical Brighteners, Protects Fibres of Fabric, Protects Colour of Fabric, Suitable for all degrees of water hardness, Natural Fragrance from oure essential oils, Dermatologically tested.  Not tested on animals, No Enzymes, No Colouring, No Preservatives, Fully Biodegradable, Certified by Eco Cert, Certified by Eco granatee, Certified Vegan  

Nutritional Information:



Water, organic vegetable oil soap, sugar surfactants, citrates, soda, alcohol (ethanol), glycerine, natural perfume oil.   




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