Churchill's Milk Chocolate Buttons Santa Magnet

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Santa Claus is the embodiment of Christmas, bringing fun and festive cheer.  He is represented on this delightful confectionery bag in the form of a removable novelty fridge magnet. An ideal present for both children and grown-ups, the Father Christmas gift bag is sweetly decorated to highlight the spirit and meaning of Christmas. This bag contains a 135g portion of delicious chocolate buttons.  

Item Details:

Milk Chocolate Buttons – A classic favourite especially for the kids but still appeals to us all no matter what the age. Slightly larger than the norm, our lovely milk chocolate buttons are a delicious disc of creamy milk chocolate that slowly melts in the mouth, once you start you just can’t stop. It has no artificial colours, flavourings or preservatives, comes with a twelve-month shelf life and suitable for vegetarians.

Nutritional Information:

Per 100g:

Energy:  2157 kJ / 516 kCal, Protein:  5.4g, Carbohydrate:  63g, of which sugars:  61.9g, Fat:  26.5g, of which saturates:  16.5g, Salt:  0.3g.  


Sugar, cocoa butter, whole MILK powder, cocoa mass, lactose (MILK), whey powder (MILK), emulsifier:(SOYA lecithin), flavouring: (natural vanilla).  



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