Meta Mate 42 Roasted Mate Organic

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Organic, Vegan, Vegetarian, Dairy free, Gluten free, Wheat free,sugar free

Meta Mate 42 Roasted Mate Organic - An organic certified, malty roasted Mate, ideal as a coffee replacement.  Meta Mate‘s organic certified Yerba Mate from Brazil is roasted in a similar manner to coffee.  This results in a dark brown Mate with a distinctive malty, nutty flavour.  42 Roasted Mate is perfect for those looking for an alternative to coffee. You can prepare it in a french press, or even in a filter coffee machine.  If doing so,Meta recommend you grind the leafy cut Mate in a coffee grinder first.  You can drink it black or add milk and/or sugar to taste. You can even drink it iced. Perfect for a hot summer’s day!  250g.  

Item Details:  

42 Roasted Mate is certified organic by EcoCert, recognised by both the EU and USDA.  Packaging:  Cardboard outer box.  

Nutritional Information:  



Organic mate.  




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