Seggiano Limoncello Panettone

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Lemon Heaven on a plate! The Limoncello Panettone from Seggiano is a contemporary take on the traditional Italian classic. 500g. Crafted and baked for 40 hours by a local Italian family in their state-of-the-art bakery near Lake Garda, the panettone is enriched with candied lemon peel and creamy lemon curd, completed with limoncello sourced from the fruits of the Amalfi coast.

Quality, integrity and provenance are the staples of Seggiano, which supplies leading artisanal Italian food to the world. Supporting sustainable farming and crafting its foods without unnecessary additives, each Seggiano offering is guaranteed organic and GMO-free.

Please note: Contains wheat and eggs. Suitable for vegetarians. Not suitable for vegans.


Wheat flour, candied peel (lemon peel, caster sugar, glucose, natural vanilla extract), butter, limoncello 11%, lemon marmalade, organic egg yolk, caster sugar, icing sugar, lemon paste, thickeners: glucose syrup and maize starch, sea salt, barley ma

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