Clearspring Wakame Sea Vegetable

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Vegan,Vegetarian,Wheat free,Dairy free,Sugar free,

Clearspring Wakame Sea Vegetable - 50g. In Japan sea vegetables have long been a staple food, prized for their varied flavours, versatility in use and their natural goodness. Wakame grows in the cold, clear waters off the Sanriku coast. It is harvested in Spring, cut by hand, washed and carefully dried to preserve its delicate flavour.

Ingredients/More Details

Wakame sea vegetable

Nutritional Information

Per 100g: Energy- 388KJ/ 93Kcal, Protein- 15.4g, Carbohydrate- 5.8g of which sugars- 0.5g, Fat- 0.9g of which saturates- 0.3g, Fibre- 34.0g, Sodium- 6.2g, Calcium- 750mg, Magnesium- 1060mg, Sodium- 0.6g.

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