*Namaste Recycled Cotton Paper Gift Wrap Fair Trade

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Fair Trade,

Made in Jaipur by a company founded by a young female entrepreneur who has a real flair for design, these lovely handmade paper gift bags really catch your eye. Jaipur has become a centre for handmade paper production and the industry provides thousands of jobs in and around the city. The paper is made from recycled cotton waste using a totally environmentally friendly and pollution free process. 60x90cm.

Item Information

Fairtrade, Environmentally Friendly, Recycled.

Available in 6 designs: 

Chocolate with Pink/Lime Flowers,

Chocolate with Teal/Lime Flowers,

Grey with Teal/Lime Flowers,

Chocolate with Orange/Pink Triangles,

Chocolate with Teal/Lime Triangles 


Grey With Teal/Lime Triangles.

*Please Specify in the comments box at purchase if you want a specific design(s).*





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