Maistic 0% Plastic Hemp No Scratch Scrubber

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Maistic 0% Plastic Hemp No Scratch Scrubber - The Plastic Free Maistic Hemp Scourer can easily be your new dishwasher favourite.  Inside is a soft pure cellulose sponge - on the outside woven hemp fabric. The scourer is manually sewed with cotton thread and enhanced in edges.  The Hemp Scourer is ideal for light daily dishwashing, even for delicate surfaces. The cellulose sponge in the middle holds soap very well. Use just a few drops - and save money and environment from too much dishwasher detergents.

Item Details:  

The Hemp Scourer is reusable - put it in dish washer top drawer and rinse it standing up along side glasses. Or rinse in boiling water, maybe with a drop of vinegar. Not suited for washing machine. Always dry standing up. If you like a good body scrub - the Plastic Free Hemp Scourer can be used in the bath too. Packaging:  Paper packing.  

Nutritional Information:  



100% bio based hemp, no glue, no colours.  




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