Our Philosophy

“We’re helping people with their health as well as their enjoyment of life”
Mike – Co-owner

So much of what we buy in supermarkets today is processed, unnatural, packed with chemical colours, preservatives and flavour enhancers.  We really don’t see why it should have to be that way.  There are two reasons.  It’s simply not how you were designed to eat, and eating real food can remind you of how food should taste.  Without flavour enhancers and chemical colours, food simply tastes better.

It’s good for you too – in a truly life-enhancing way.  It’s become such a cliché to say ‘you are what you eat”, but it really is that fundamental.  You can see it so clearly and quickly with children – stuff their diets full of additives and watch their behaviour change.  It’s the same principle when you start eating ‘additive-free’ – the changes are rapid and far-reaching.  We see it all the time when people come to the store because they’re sick and need to change the way they eat.  Food really is at the core of a positive, healthy life.


At NGS, 70% of our products are organic (and almost every single piece of meat and all the vegetables we sell are).  None of them – not one – are stuffed with artificial flavours, colours or preservatives.


Where we can, we stock our shelves from local suppliers.  Our bread comes every day from Newent, just a few miles away in the Forest of Dean.  Our meat comes either from a farm just over the border in Wales or one just a few miles away in the North Cotswolds. 

Not only does this mean we can know exactly how it’s made or reared, we know the people involved and how much they care about their work. 

Unlike some supermarkets, we don’t believe in ‘treat ‘em mean, keep ‘em keen’.  Instead, we believe in working with our suppliers.


There used to be a perception that ‘natural’ food meant heavy, chewy stuff that was worthy, good for you but inedibly dull.  We’ve never seen it that way.  To us, there’s no point eating something unless you enjoy it.  That’s why we stock things that, quite simply, taste better.


People think that natural food is a great idea, but just too expensive.  Not true. 

We aim to be as competitive as we can be on price, and we often manage to undercut some of our supermarket chain neighbours. 

Bet it upsets them!  It’s because we can buy direct from the suppliers for many products and we can get even keener prices…