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April 2012

Sunday, April 01, 2012

New Products

new productsWe have just taken delivery of many Biona, Amisa, Primeal and Raw Health products so our shelves are once again brimming with these lines. We have lots of exciting new products in these ranges so please click here to view them as they continue to be entered onto our online store over the next few days. 

If you enjoy Indian food but don't know quite where to begin, let us suggest the wonderful Chiman's Spices which give you the shopping list of exactly what you need to buy on the back cover and a step by step guide of what you need to do to create a very simple but absolutely delicious meal, full of flavour and depth.. this range is a staple in my cupboards and never fails to impress dinner guests. 

A local company, Cotswold Gold, provide us with a new range of Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oils infused with either garlic, chillies, lemons or White Truffle. Each of these make for a lovely salad drizzle and remind us of the swathes of yellow fields we have sweeping along the Cotswold Hills at this time of year, ready for the seasons bottling... literally sunshine in a bottle!

Raw products are continuing to push to the fore in the current market and we are delighted to be able to provide a number of exciting snacks to grab-on-the-go including the Inspiral Dehydrated Kale Chips & crackers', Gourmet Raw have a very decadent tasting but extremely healthy range of Raw Cacao Organic Brownies and also Vegetable Chips that are packed full of goodness. 

Brenda, one of our lovely local customers popped into the store following her holiday in Cornwall recently and initiated Paul in the delights of the Living Food Raw Chocolate Pies range. Paul was so impressed with these raw little bars of goodness he called the company post-haste and our wine chiller is now looking even more attractive with the Living Foods Raw Chocolate  Pies in seven different flavours. With the bar as black as coal and then the instant slow melt of the raw cacao in your mouth we really do think these will be a huge hit.  My favourite flavour so far is the Raw Chocolate Chilli Pie and Lewis champions the Goji & Pumpkin Seed Pie but we are more than happy to keep testing these results!

The Raw Chocolate Company have some great treats and nibbles in their range that we continue to expand.  The Raw Chocolate Mulberries and Raw Chocolate Goji Berries are healthy snacks to offer the family and their Wild Harvested Raw Bee Pollen are tiny titans of flavour & nutrition, rich in antioxidants. Containing a diverse array of nutrients, bee pollen is a natural source of vitamins and minerals. Sprinkle over your breakfast or blend into a smoothie for a daily nutritional boost.

Natural House Room Aromas offer you an Organic, totally natural room fragrance. This unique combination of essential oil perfume and mineral diffusing base imparts a gentle natural aroma - not by propellants or sprays, but by simple evaporation in either a Citrus or Tropical Fragrance for your home.

Spring into Springtime

daffodilWhile I appreciate that looking out of the window today, it may not be the first thing on your mind BUT, over the weekend in the glorious sunshine my thoughts turn to billowing fresh washing dancing on clotheslines in the garden. What better way to dangle those smalls than on a recycled Clothes Line by Ecoforce which is 20 meters in length and being pegged on with their recycled plastic pegs which not only have a hurricane force grip but are also frost proof  & UV stable (handy in our UK climate) all contained in a rather natty green basket and selling for a mere £2.99. For the Spring Cleaning season we now also offer the Ecoforce Quilted Multipurpose Cloths which are super absorbent and a must for the kitchen as well as their Super Soft Recycled Dusters which come in a pack of 10 so are great value at just £1.29 per pack.

With the outdoors springing into life so vibrantly at this time of year, we are delighted to offer the London Seed Co. Tomato, Aubergine, Chilli & Pepper seeds as well as the herbs such as Rocket, Coriander, Thyme Dill & Parsley just in time for planting.  All of these lines are perfect for growing in window boxes, patio pots  or in the flower beds to be able to pick your own from the smallest spaces... perfect... from plant pot to cooking pot in seconds!

With just a few days notice you can produce your very own salads in the form of our living sprouts! Using the Bio Snacky Sprouter Jar you can create your very own sprouts on your windowsill using the Essential or Just Wholefoods Sprouting seeds or if you just can't wait that long, let us provide you with our organic Aconbury Sprouts that arrive chilled and ready to pop in your fridge.

Mayday Bank Holiday

bank holidayAs a quick reminder to our Cheltenham Store customers, we will have reduced opening hours on the Mayday Bank Holiday weekend of 5th to 7th May as follows:

Saturday 5th May ~ 8am - 6pm

Sunday 6th May ~ 10am - 6pm

Monday 7th May ~ 10am - 6pm

The website office will be closed as usual on Saturday, Sunday and will remain closed for the Bank Holiday Monday, re-opening for business at 9am on Tuesday 8th May. Home delivery customers can leave an answer machine message at 01242 572323 over the weekend but if you need to speak to a member of staff directly, please call the store on 01242 243 737 between the opening hours above.

And lastly...

grass heartWe hope you have enjoyed this month's newsletter and we wish you a great Bank Holiday weekend at the beginning of May.

I will be taking a couple of weeks break mid-May to get married to the lovely Mark and will look forward to having a happy couple shot to show off in the next newsletter.

 If you have any questions about our products or service please don't hesitate to get in touch by emailing Jo at or by calling myself or Lewis on 01242 572323.

We look forward to letting you know about all our new products and special offers for the month of May in our next newsletter and please don't forget to pass this newsletter on to your friends who you believe might enjoy our service.

Many thanks from Jo, Lewis and the team at Natural Grocery.

Jo & Lewis