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Pulsin' Protein Powders

Monday, July 15, 2013

Pulsin' Protein Powders 

There has never been a better time to try Pulsin' Protein Powders as they are now available in both 250g & 1kg sizes.  Below is a list of the Protein Powders they offer and some of the benefits of them in fortifying your diet.

Hemp Protein Powder

Ben, Nick & Simon at Pulsin’ bring cold-pressed 100% Hemp Protein, one of nature’s most complete and nutritious plant protein sources. It contains all of the essential amino acids, good levels of omega 3 fats and is high in healthy plant fibre. The hemp is sustainably grown in the UK without pesticides, herbicides or hexane and the powder is vegan, no added sugar, dairy free, gluten free, has no trans fats and non GMO.

Cold-pressed raw vegan wholefood
Contains all the essential amino acids
A great source of omega 3 essential fats
Lactose free

Sprinkle Pulsin’ Hemp Protein over cereals and porridge or get creative with casseroles and soups!

Pea Protein Isolate

Pulsin’ Pea Protein Isolate is a high quality hypoallergenic protein powder containing a balanced supply of amino acids, good digestive quality and a protein level of 85%. It is the perfect alternative for people wishing to avoid dairy and soya based proteins due to food allergy and intolerance, and is also gluten and GM free. Those with special dietary needs can also be assured that this pea protein is produced without solvent extraction from yellow split peas using a natural process of gentle purification, concentration, drying and powderisation.

Pea protein is a very versatile ingredient that can be mixed with both sweet and savoury foods with a serving size of 10-20g. We have found it particularly tasty in vegetable soups, where it can also be used as a thickener in place of corn flour – with the added benefit of increased protein content! Always add the protein powder towards the end of cooking as boiling or extended levels of heating may cause de-naturation of the protein. 

Pea protein can also be used to enhance many other foods to get creative in the kitchen!

 Soya Protein Isolate

Pulsin’ Soya Protein Isolate is a great source of complete protein for vegetarians and vegans as it contains high levels of all the essential amino acids, and is the vegetable protein closest to meat in terms of its amino acid content. Soya is perfect for those following a dairy free diet and is completely free of lactose. Soya Protein Isolate contains 90% and is therefore a convenient way to boost your daily protein intake. We only use the highest quality non GM soya from non rainforest sources and it is naturally gluten free.

Soya protein isolate also contains high levels of phytoestrogens including daidzein and genestein, which naturally mimic human oestrogenic hormones to gently regulate hormone levels where there is an imbalance. Therefore it can be particularly beneficial for menopausal women.

Soya protein can be added to many foods, including yoghurt, flapjacks and cakes. Fortify existing recipes by using it to replace flour or other powdered foods.


Whey Protein Isolate

Pulsin’ Whey Protein Isolate is one of the best quality proteins available from any food source, due to its full spectrum amino acid profile, rapid speed at which it can be assimilated during digestion and a protein content of 90%. Our whey protein is not to be confused with Whey Protein Concentrate: an inferior quality extract with a lower protein content, a cheesy taste and higher levels of lactose.

Pulsin’ Whey Protein is produced from sweet whey, a natural by-product from cheese manufacturing where milk is separated into curds (casein) and whey. The whey protein is isolated using a combination of Cross-Flow Ultrafiltration and Microfiltration techniques, which preserves the delicate structure of the whey protein without causing denaturation. The resulting protein isolate is then mixed with soya lecithin to improve miscibility with other foods. All of our whey protein is produced from UK milk from grass fed cows that have been reared without hormone treatment and is 100% vegetarian.

Whey protein can be mixed into a variety of foods, including yogurt, breakfast cereals, flapjacks and cakes. We do not recommend cooking whey protein at high temperatures as it can become denatured by heat. 

Whey protein isolate is absorbed so effectively that some people prefer to combine it with another slower releasing protein to lengthen the duration of satiety and to give a sustained amino acid release into the bloodstream; this can be particularly effective when consuming protein before going to sleep. We find that whey protein and pea protein combine particularly well for this purpose, at a ratio of approximately 1:1, and hence we use them both in the Protein Sport bar!

Raw Sprouted Rice Protein

Ben, Nick & Simon are excited to offer you a sprouted wholegrain rice protein powder extracted gently using a patented raw, low temperature enzymatic process without the use of chemiocal additives. Pulsin’ Rice protein contains an optimum balance of amino acids, giving a 98% correlation with mother’s milk and a 97% correlation with whey protein, providing you with one of nature’s most complete and readily digested protein sources. A powder to fortify both sweet and savoury foods.  Raw Rice Protein is un-denatured giving maximum nutritional benefit.  Unflavoured, unsweetened and can be used as part of a high protein diet.