Biona Multi 7 Fruits Juice Organic

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Organic,Vegetarian,Wheat free,Dairy free,Sugar free,

This refreshing juice is made from a blend of carefully selected organic fruit and vegetables, including apple, pomegranate, strawberry, tart cherry, beetroot, cranberry and purple carrots. Freshly pressed after harvest for optimum freshness, this Multi 7 Juice has a smooth, rich and fruity flavour.  1 litre.

Item Details:

No added cane or beet sugar, vegan.

Nutritional Information:

Per 100ml: Energy:  227 kJ / 54.2kCal, Protein:  0g, Carbohydrate:  12.9g, of which sugars:  12.5g, Fat:  0g, of which saturates:  0g, Fibre:  0g, Salt:  0.02g


Apple Juice* (40%), Pomegranate Juice* (35%), Strawberry Puree* (9%), Tart Cherry Juice* (5%), Beetroot Juice* (5%), Purple Carrot Juice* (5%), Cranberry Juice* (1%).



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