Lima Kamut Khorasan Spaghetti Organic (Case of 6)

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Organic,Vegan,Vegetarian,Dairy free,Sugar free,

6 packs of Lima Kamut Khorasan Spaghetti Organic. Pasta made with organically grown whole grain Kamut. 500g x 6.

Ingredients/More Details

Kamut, ancestor of our durum wheat, was cultivated in ancient Egypt thousands of years ago and was thought to have completely disappeared. In 1991 Lima was the first to introduce Kamut in Europe. From the very beginning Lima believed in the indisputable qualities of this ancient grain. Today Kamut is experiencing a growing success all over the world and is gradually regaining the place it deserves on our tables. This tall cereal crop, with very long grains, indeed has remarkable nutritional qualities, better than those of wheat, while being easily digestible. Kamut is grown in the State of Montana and in Canada. The pasta can be cooked as traditional pasta. When they are warm, they are delicious with a tomato sauce and chopped seitan. They can also be served cold in a salad with diced vegetables.

Whole grain Kamut (wheat flour),

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