Millton Vineyard Viognier Organic

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There's a lovely honeysuckle quality to the orchard fruit in this. The Viognier was harvested by hand, fermented in small stainless steel tanks and old French oak barrels. The aromatic delight of Viognier is enhanced by partnering with foods high in Umami flavours, which also give a perceived impression of 'saltiness'. A fine thread of residual sweetness intensifies the overall appeal as an aperitif with aged white cheeses. 75cl. 14% Alc by vol.

Item Details

Country: New Zealand, James and Annie Millton established The Millton Vineyards in 1984. Located within kilometres of the South Pacific ocean Gisborne enjoys a temperate maritime climate with warm summers cooled by the afternoon sea breeze, misty autumns and mild winters. As biodynamic producers they incorporate the use of special herbal preparations and teas along with a deep understanding of the complex cosmic rhythms which affect their daily activities. James and Annie are committed to leaving the land in an improved state for future generations.

Ingredients/More Details

Bio-dynamically grown grapes.

Nutritional Information


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