Stellar Organics No Added Sulphur Merlot Fairtrade 2014

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No-added sulphur, super-soft, easy-drinking Merlot 2012. Deep, bright colour and ripe fruit on the nose. Hints of jasmine and dark perfume. The wine has well-structured tannins from a post-ferment maceration. There is no wood influence, only ripe organic Merlot grapes. There is no sulphur added to this delicious wine, and we call this a low sulphur wine because in tests, 'normal' wines can have as much as 200 parts per million and this tested with just 5 parts per million. Awarded 'Ethical Winery of the Year' at the Drinks Business Green Awards 2013. 

Stellar Organics No Added Sulphur Fairtrade 2012 Merlot Organic 750ml. The sparsely populated Namaqualand does not suffer the light pollution that plagues urban areas around the world. The dark nights and clean air reveal the breathtaking cosmic display of the aptly-named Milky Way. The clear nights are also cooler and help bring down the average summer temperature. We pay homage to this phenomenon with the Stellar Organics range. Sulphur dioxide is one of the oldest known food additives and has been used in wine since ancient times when sulphur was burnt before sealing the wine in the barrels. It also develops naturally in wine as part of the fermentation process. However it is also added as a preservative to prevent oxidation of the wine and at the grape-crushing stage as a cleansing agent to kill unwanted bacteria and wild yeasts. This innovative range of wines produced and bottled without the addition of sulphur dioxide, has been developed as a natural extension of Stellar's commitment to organic winemaking.  

Item Details: Wine of South Africa, alc. 13% by vol.

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