Cognac Estival Jacques Brard-Blanchard 70cl

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Created in the summer of 2000 this cognac is almost as new to its producer as it is to us. Although its name means 'summer' it is a young cognac for all seasons. Made from Ugni Blanc grapes hand-picked in October, the resultant white wine was double distilled à la proprieté, then aged for two and a half years in Limousin oak. On the nose there are aromas of vanilla, white flowers, and liquorice. Try it on the rocks or with a variety of mixers - lemonade, orange juice, maple syrup, sparkling water. As Jacques Brard-Blanchard says in his best Franglais, C'est le cognac idéal des long-drink

Vegan & Organic.

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Grape varieties: Ugni Blanc. 40% ABV.

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