Ox Liver Organic - Approx 500g

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Organic,Gluten free,Wheat free,Dairy free,Sugar free,

Organic Ox Liver Organic - approx 500g. Just perfect for Liver & Onions in a rich onion gravy.  Fry or grill briefly over high heat until nicely browned outside but still juicy and slightly pink within. If pan-frying, deglaze the pan with vinegar, sherry or marsala for an instant sauce. THIS ITEM WILL ARRIVE FROZEN

Item Details

Cook's tip

The liver should be very tender and soft. A good way to make sure the liver is done is to look at the liver and if there is a pink liquid rising out of it and it's soft when you put a sharp knife in it, then its done. Don't cook it any more! It should have a texture like firm pate.

Nutritional Information

Average price per pack £3.20. Please note you will be charged the exact price on your final invoice. Price per kilo £7.00.

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