Taka Golden Cocoa Organic

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Organic,Vegan,Vegetarian,Gluten free,Wheat free,Dairy free,Sugar free,

With a star-studded list of superfood ingredients, this Taka Turmeric Golden Cacao brings thrilling new flavours to the hot chocolate experience.  At the heart of this luxurious blend is creamy, decadent coconut. Next, come layers of chocolate, cacao and Ceylon cinnamon.  Finally, Ayurvedic turmeric joins maca, peppers and Himalayan pink salt in an exotic encore of subtle flavours.  So delightful.  18 servings, 125g.

Item Details:

Vegan.  Free from gluten, added sugar and preservatives.

Nutritional Information:

Per 100g:

Energy:  1562 kCal / 25.5g, Protein:  15.4g, Carbohydrates:  21g, of which sugars:  2.8g, Fat:  25.5g, of which saturates:  22.4g, Fibre:  26.9g, Salt:  0.9g.


Organic coconut milk powder 26% (organic coconut milk 97%m organic tapioca maltodextrin (derived from organic Yucca root) & organic gum acacia), organic cocoa 24%, organic raw cacao 19%, organic turmeric 14%, organic ceylon cinnamon, orgnaic maca, organic ginger, Himalayan pink salt, organic black pepper. organic cayenne pepper, organic clove.  





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