Aquapax Pure & Still Natural Mineral Water

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100% Plastic Free packaging! Aquapax is one of the purest mineral waters in the world, with a near perfect 7.065pH, natural low mineral balance and practically no (trace) nitrates.  This means that Aquapax is suitable for ALL diets, including for infants.  Packaged in an air-tight, non-leaching, sustainably produced paper carton, the first time Aquapax water sees daylight is when you open the carton.  500ml.

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Winner of the coveted QATRAH Award for ‘Best Bottled Water’, Aquapax natural mineral water is wonderfully pure. Sourced from the protected Fläming Felsenquelle spring, 101m (300ft) deep beneath the pristine Hoher Fläming Nature Park in Germany; and supplied through a carbon balanced supply chain. Aquapax has a near perfect 7.1 pH and tastes amazingly fresh, just like natural mineral water should; its beautifully designed, leach-free, paper carton construction protects the contents from light and smells. Aquapax is packaged at source under aseptic conditions and quality checked by the officially recognised analysis of the Institute Fresenius. Ditch the plastic – drink Aquapax.

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Pure mineral water.  



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