Atlantic Kitchen Sea Spaghetti Seaweed


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Mild, gentle taste with an al dente texture.  A super food from the sea.  Sea spaghetti seaweed is the ocean’s best kept secret, nautre’s ready-made pasta growing in long strands.  Experiment wildly and enjoy.  50g.

Item Details:

Packed with protein, vitamin C, magnesium and calcium.  Rich in iodine.

Nutritional Information:

Per 100g:

Energy:  747 kJ / 178 kCal, Protein:  10.0g, Carbohydrate:  28.5g, of which sugars:  <0.5g, Fat:  2.7g, of which saturates:  0.7g, Fibre:  30.5g, Salt:  9.1g.


100% sea spaghetti seaweed.



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Weight 45 g