BioFair Quinoa Flakes Fairtrade Organic



Biofair Quinoa Flakes Organic Fairtrade – 400g. Gluten free- egg free- Cholesterol free. Quinoa is a good source of protein and fibre. Biofair quinoa flakes can be used as a breakfast cereal or as an ingredient in baking. BioFair Products are sourced in accordance with Fair Trade guidelines and are certified organic.

Ingredients/More Details

100% Organic Quinoa.


Nutritional Information

Per 100g Energy- 1667KJ/ 399Kcal Protein- 13.8g Carbohydrate- 72.2 Fat- 5.7g Fibre- 8.9g Sodium- 16mg Iron- 3.84mg Calcium- 78mg Phosphorus- 418mg Magnesium- 204mg

Additional information

Weight 227 g