Bionova Carrot Ketchup Organic



Bionova Carrot Ketchup Organic.  Carrot ketchup, an innovative twist on a classic kitchen favourite.  250ml.  

Item Details:  

Vegan, organic.  


Per 100g:  

Energy:  173 kJ / 41 kCal, Protein:  0.44g, Carbohydrate:  8.82g, of which sugars:  8.27g, Fat:  0.24g, of which saturates:  0.05g, 


Water, carrot (36%) *, agave *, vinegar *, corn starch *, sea salt, white pepper *, garlic powder *, onion powder *, pepper powder *, cloves *, cayenne pepper *, pectin.  

* = Controlled organically grown.  

Additional information

Weight 340 g