BonPom Citric Acid Granules


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BonPom Citric Acid Granules – Perfect for culinary, cosmetic use and great around the house too!  200g.  

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Citric acid is a natural preservative found in citrus fruits. It dissolves easily into liquids, making it a useful acid and a flavouring for cordials. It can help the body to more easily digest chelated minerals. For example, some calcium supplements can come in the form of calcium citrate, and are better absorbed by the body.  The ability of citric acid to bond with other minerals can make it helpful in softening water, so for example soaps and laundry detergents can be more effective when they contain citric acid.  Packaging:  Plastic sachet.

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Citric acid granules – E330 (food grade).  


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Weight 175 g