Booja-Booja Gourmet Truffle Selection Organic

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A multi-award winning selection of twenty deliciously diverse dark chocolate truffles. Each flavour has its own abundant character that invites you to sit down, relax, enjoy and linger; guiltless. Handmade in Norfolk, The Gourmet Selection brings great pleasure to chocolate lovers everywhere. Step into the world of Booja-Booja! 20 delicious truffle with the flavours of: Banoffee Toffee, Stem Ginger, Around Midnight Espresso, Rum Sozzled, Champagne & Hazelnut Truffles. 230g.
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Average per 100g: Energy: 535.8 kCal / 2224.9kJ, Protein: 3.8g, Carbohydrate:38.3g, of which sugars: 35.9g, Fat: 39.1g, of which saturates: 29.3g, Fibre: 4.7g, Sodium: 4.7g.

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Weight 136 g