British Polo Gin Organic

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The Gin and Tonic has been the polo players’ choice of refreshment for over 150 years, since the first polo match involving British Officers in India in 1859. This proudly British, quadruple distilled Polo Gin, uses only the best organic botanicals to create the most flavoursome and smoothest of gins. Hand made by artisans in a wood-fuelled small batch still and simply crafted with Ceredigion’s finest spring water, this gin is as pure as can be.  5cl.

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Miniature bottle which makes the perfect stocking filler, or present, for your nearest and dearest.  Size in this instance, does not matter, as the MINIATURE is 100% organic and is identical in taste & flavour to the original 70cl bottle of British Polo Gin.  5cl.

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Quad distilled gin.







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Weight 125 g