Daioni Strawberry Milk Organic


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Daioni Strawberry flavoured Welsh Organic Milk – 250ml. This creamy, strawberry, organic milk drink is made by a lovely family of Welsh dairy farmers. It’s low in sugar and fat, as it’s made with semi-skimmed milk. It’s housed in a portable Tetra pak, along with a straw, making it ideal for children’s lunch boxes or picnics.

Item Details

Produced from fresh organic semi-skimmed milk. Free from artificial colours, preservatives and flavours. Non GM.

Ingredients/More Details

Organic semi-skimmed milk, organic sugar, organic rice starch, natural strawberry flavour, stabiliser (carageenan).

Nutritional Information

Nutritional Info/100g: Energy – 275kJ/66kcal, Protein – 3.2g, Carbohydrate – 9.9g, Fat – 1.6g, Lactose – 4.7%.

Additional information

Weight 113 g