Delamere Dairy Semi-Skimmed Goats Milk


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Goats’ milk has a refreshing, mild taste which often comes as a surprise to people who haven’t tried it before. You can use goats’ milk in exactly the same way as you would use cows’ milk, in tea & coffee, on cereals and in your favourite recipes.  1 litre.

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No additives, just tasty goodness.

Nutritional Information:

Per 100ml:

Energy:  190 kJ / 45 kCal, Protein:  3.1g, Carbohydrate:  4.4g, of which sugars:  4.4g, Fat:  1.7g, of which saturates:  1.2g, Salt:  0.1g, Calcium:  115mg.


Fresh, pasteurised homogenised semi skimmed goats milk.


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Weight 635 g