EcoForce Recycled Quilted Multipurpose Cloths

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EcoForce Recycled Quilted Multipurpose Cloths 2 Pack. 2 EcoForce Recycled Super Absorbent Quilted Multipurpose Cloths Super-Soft Quilts Pick Up Dirt Approximate size: 32cm x 24cm

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Use EcoForce Multipurpose Cloths wet or dry for washing up, wiping up, mopping up, polishing and dusting. The supersoft quilts help to trap dirt making cleaning easier. Using recycled material to make cloths reduces landfill, saves energy, allows crop land to be used for food production. – Highly Absorbent – Extra Soft – Z Stitched for Strength EcoForce products are made using high quality recycled materials helping you to run a greener home without it costing the earth.

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Weight 91 g