Ecozone Non Bio Laundry Capsules

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Ecozone laundry liquid capsules are housed in soluble wrappers that dissolve in the wash. They provide a deep-down clean removing difficult stains and provide excellent results with minimal time and effort while on a quick wash cycle at 15 degrees. Just one capsule leaves your clothes clean and fresh without any nasty residues. Suitable for whites and colourfast clothes Ecozone’s non bio formula has been specially developed for excellent results on all of your laundry challenges whilst being gentle next to skin. They are very easy to use just add 1 capsule straight into the drum. The reusable and sturdy container has a child proof lid to keep little fingers out.  20 washes, 500g.

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Vegan,cruelty free.

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15 – 30%:  Anionic surfactant, soap.  5%-15%:  Non ionic surfactant.  Inf 5%:  Perfume, limonene, alpha-isomethyl lonone, hexyl cinnamal.  Glyceryl Alcohol, Sodium Sulphate, Monopropylene Glycol, Diethyientriamine – Pentamethylen-Phosphonic Acid – Sodium Salt, Ethoxylated Alkyl Polyethyene Glycol Ether, Monoethanolamine, Lauryl Benzensulphonic Acid, Coconut Fatty Acids, Fragrance, Ethanol – Isopropanol, Colour.  




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