FMD Organic Flax Oil

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FMD Organic Flax Oil, cold pressed & unrefined 250ml. Rich in omega 3 essential fatty acids. A delightful nutty taste makes it easy to mix into your food or smoothie.

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This quality nutritional oil is: – Freshly pressed in an oxygen and light-free environment, at temperatures not exceeding 36 C (97 F). – Unrefined, non deodorised and unfiltered – leaving in all the minor ingredients and cofactors that are essential for the body to utilise the oil, whilst not damaging the delicate Omega 3s. – The taste and colour of oil occasionally varies from one pressing to another – proof that the oil is unrefined and unbleached, because its taste reflects the climatic conditions in which the seeds were grown. – Packaged in nitrogen flushed, amber bottles to preserve freshness. – Certified Organic – the oil is pressed from certified organic seeds, carefully selected for flavour and maturity. – Fresh, highly nutritious and rich in Omega 3 as opposed to most supermarket oils whose vital nutrients are destroyed during processing. – Produced for health and nutritional value not shelf life

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100% cold pressed certified organic Flax seed oil

Nutritional Information

Contains no caffeine, preservatives or colourants. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

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Weight 272 g