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Made using only organic British Butter from happy grassfed cows. They cook their ghee in small batches, removing the lactose Traditionally churned butter is critical for making authentic ghee.   Ghee has a rich, sweet nutty flavour and is a premium cooking oil due to its high flash point (485°F).  Ghee is an essential ingredient for authentic Indian dishes.  Also suitable for vegetarians and people with a lactose intolerance.  300g.

A pure fat for all your cooking! Suitable for Keto, Paleo, GAPS, FODMAP, Whole30, Banting and of course traditionally Ayurvedic diets as well as a cooking oil for everyday. All of our ghee is Casein and lactose free and abundant in vitamins A D E & K.

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Free from preservatives, additives and colourings.

Nutritional Information:

Energy:  3644 kJ / 886 kCal, Protein:  0.4g, Carbohydrate:  1.6g, of which sugars:  0g, Fat:  97.5g, of which saturates:  64.2g, Fibre:  0g, Sodium:  0g.


Organic ghee.





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